ESP 2022-09 Skalar Expedition, Slovenia

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This summer between 10 and 20 August 2022 a caving expedition did take place in Skalarjevo brezno, Slovenia. There were 38 cavers, from 7 different countries (Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, North Macedonia, Sweden, Ukraine and Israel).

Skalar’s Abyss is a high-altitude karst cave with its entrance opening in the heart of the Kanin plateau, with an altitude of 2328 meters. Due to the specific geological conditions, there is the possibility of the development of a cave system with a depth of 2000 meters, which is one of the greatest depth potentials in Europe! Skalar’s Abyss, with connection to the Mala Boka – BC 4 cave system, would form a system that is 1896 meters deep. That would make it the deepest cave in Europe and the third in the world.

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