ESP 2022-10 Conference Man and Karst, Italy

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Man and Karst 2022 in Sicily, Italy, the International Scientific Conference took place in Custonaci from 12 to 17 September 2022. There were more than one hundred participants of which about 60% came from abroad (Croatia, Libya, Slovenia, Albania, Serbia, Hungary, France, Israel, Germany, Armenia, USA, Austria, Slovakia) representing Universities, Research Institutes, Park Authorities, Geological Surveys, etc.

55 reports were presented divided into 6 sessions (Karst Geomorphology, Speleology and cave conservation, Karst hydrogeology and water protection, Archaeology and paleontology in karst and artificial caves, Vulnerability, protection and fruition of karst landscapes and caves, Karst hazards, geological and geophysical investigations) and 11 presentations in the poster session. Field trips were held around the Monte Cofano Reserve, the ridge of Monte Sparagio to discover the Karren of C.da Noce, the Stone Forest of Piano delle Ferle, the Megalodon still visible in the Cocuccio quarries and the Polje of Purgatory, and in the magnificent Grotta della Clava of the Geosite currently being established “Karst and Speleological Park of Piano Zubbia “.

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