ESP 2022-11 Expedition NEUA 2023, Thailand

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The expedition targets the Mae Hong Son province and mainly the Pang Mapha district. The main objective was to pursue the explorations mainly done by Australians 30 years ago using more recent geological, topographical, satellite maps as well as information from individual cavers.

The expedition started by prospecting on the Nam Lang Plateau and specifically by inspecting several massive collapsed dolines and depressions identified from Google Earth maps. The prospections of collapsed dolines on the Nam Lang plateau provided no convincing result yet. This investigation will continue in a next expedition.

The explorations done in Tham Pung Hung, Tham Huai Kun, Tham Pha Daeng Yai cave, and the connections made between them made this system the 7th longest of Thailand with a surveyed length of 8,6km long. It has now 3 entrances and is 161m deep. The trip from the sink to the resurgence is almost 5km long.

A full resurvey of the resurgence cave Tham Huai Kun was performed as the first explorers did only a basic survey without clinometer. There is still great potential to extend this system.

In parallel, another team discovered a massive cave (Tham Pha Daeng Yai) that was close to the stream of Tham Pung Hung and this was explored until an impenetrable sump.

The connection between Tham Huai Kun, Tham Pung Hung and Tham Pha Daeng Yai caves was made during the explorations in these caves.

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