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The current Commission members on duty from 2019 – 2023

Jean-Claude Thies, LU – President of the Commission

Bärbel Vogel, DE – Secretary of the Commission

Ferdinando Didonna, IT

Ioana Meleg, RO

Rudjer Novak, HR – Vice-secretary of the Commission

Véronique Olivier, FR

Jure Tičar, SI

Natalie Uomini, FR

Alex Weigand, LU/DE

Current representation for the FSE  at the EEB – European Environmental Bureau (based in Brussels, BE)

Jean-Claude Thies, LU              FSE-Delegate (since 2011), and EEB-Board Member (since 2018)

ECPC Working Groups

Biospeleology                           Hannes Köble, DE

ECPC Action Teams

ISO Standardization                  Bärbel Vogel, DE

Clean Up the dark                     Rudjer Novak, HR; Ferdinando Didonna, IT; Jure Tičar, SI; Francesco Maurano, IT