Caves and Karst are important features of the European landscape and have intrinsic natural beauty and value. However they are constantly exposed to numerous human impacts, directly inside the cave environment or indirectly in the associated surrounding. Karst regions suffer from destruction, air and water pollution associated mainly due to forestry, agricultural chemicals, quarries, landfills, mining, urban and rural development and uncontrolled mass tourism.

An EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium will provide a platform for scientists, speleologists and authorities active in the domain of cave and karst monitoring and conservation. 

– Next ESPS

The next EuroSpeleo Protection Symposium will be held in Slovakia from 9-13 September 2024.

The topic will be around “WATER”

The first circular is planned to be out around a year prior the symposium.

We invite you to get in contact with the commission at “” for further contact.

– List of previous EuroSpeleo Protection Symposia

2021 – Assessing, monitoring and protecting cave biotopes and geotopes through Natura 2000 or similar programs in Europe 2nd circular in English and Synopsis (external link)

2018 – Connecting Science with Cave Protection

2016 – Caves & Karst – Protection and Conservation under EU Law

2014 – Speleological heritage: preserving natural and cultural sites

2012 – Best Practices for Cave and Karst Protection in Europe

2008 – Cave conservation in Europe – European underground heritage