Call for FSE Bureau Positions

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The current FSE Bureau would like to invite you all to read the following call. At this year’s GAM, on the 20th May 2023 in Breitscheid, Germany, some positions of the FSE Bureau will be newly elected or re-elected.

To be newly elected

As the following positions on the FSE Bureau will become vacant we would like you to consider to apply as member of your national organization for these positions.

President – As already announced at the GAM 2022 the position of President is vacant starting this year for two years. Tasks of the President (art 15 of the current FSE statutes): The President manages the FSE and represents it legally. He/She presides over the meetings of the Bureau and of the General Assembly and co-ordinates the good execution of decisions taken during these meetings.

Vice-President – Tasks of the Vice-President (art 16 of the current FSE statutes): The Vice President assists the President in his work. He/She must be able to replace any of the other members of the Bureau in case of resignation.

Vice-Secretary – Tasks of the Vice-Secretary (art 17b of the current FSE statutes): The Vice-Secretary assists the General Secretary in his work. He/She is responsible for the follow-up of the European projects. Managing the follow-up of the EuroSpeleo Projects is an important task for the Vice-Secretary and will require administrative work and contacts with the organisers of the projects regarding the applications and the reports submitted.


Treasurer – Tasks of the Treasurer (art 18 of the current FSE statutes): The Treasurer is in charge of the good financial management of the F.S.E. He/She is in charge of the accounting and he reports to the General Assembly. He/She prepares the financial report of each period and the provisional budget. He/She regularly informs the Bureau, and more specifically the President, of the financial status of the FSE. He/She conducts or proposes any appropriate action.

Interested candidates for all the above positions must submit to the Bureau a written application with a short curriculum vitae together with a support letter from their national organisation before the point of the election of the Bureau members at the GAM (20 May 2023). Send your apllication to: . Each member of the Bureau is elected for four years, except the position of the President, on this occasion, which is for a two-year tenure only.

Please note that the working language of the FSE Bureau is English. All candidates should be sufficiently fluent in both spoken and written English.

You may find the current statutes and internal regulations at the following links:


Internal Regulations: