The EuroSpeleo Projects (ESP) Fund supports internationally oriented speleological projects that are open to the participation of speleologists from all FSE member countries and lead to a multinational and multidisciplinary cooperation.

The fund supports activities in the spirit of the Guiding Headline from the International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK): Explore, Understand, Protect!

EuroSpeleo Projects funds activities related to cave & karst research and exploration in Europe and worldwide locations. Examples are expeditions, congresses, caver meetings, conservation activities and biospeleological research. Media, like books and films are supported by FSE, but follow other application criteria and are not within EuroSpeleo Projects.

EuroSpeleo Projects funds every individual, club, local organization and national commission or federation who belong to a country being member of FSE.


You can have a look at an Overview of the EuroSpeleo Projects from 2007 to 2022 on a worldwide map with each project projected on it with a listing of the projects.

You can download and read the reports of the EuroSpeleo Projects by clicking on one of the images below. For the older reports you choose one from the lists below.

Projects taking place in 2023

Announced projects

  • Camp Gouffre Berger, Vercors, France in July/August
  • Exploration Campaign Arañonera, Huesca, Spain in August
  • Dachstein Caving Expedition, Austria in August/September
  • Dara Expedition for Exploration and Protection, Lebanon in August/September
  • Exploration Camp Sternes, Crete, Greece in August/September
  • Shuanghe 400 Caving Expedition, China in September/October

Finished projects

ESP 2022-12 Salt Caves Mount Sedom, Israel – continuation of documentation
EuroSpeleo Projects

ESP 2022-12 Salt Caves Mount Sedom, Israel – continuation of documentation

From 10 to 18 March 2023, the 3rd International Expedition to the salt caves of Mount Sedom, organized by the Israeli Speleological Association (ISA) and sponsored by the European Speleological Federation – Fédération Spéléologique Européenne and KORDA’S ropes took place. … Continued

Projects 2022

Projects 2020