The European Speleological Federation FSE organizes every few years a Workshop on Showcaves during a EuroSpeleo Forum held in one of it’s member countries.

It is intended to set up a collaboration with the show caves in this frame. These workshops should give every show cave operator the opportunity to participate. The primary goal of these meetings is to exchange experiences between the show caves amongst each other and on the other hand also between the show caves and the scientific and research-oriented organizations in the FSE.

These are non-binding meetings that do not involve affiliation fees or other obligations. Through these meetings the participation especially of “smaller” show caves are to be made possible and the exchange of experiences with international findings and developments.

The contact group is coordinated by Ernest Geyer on behalf of the FSE and Dr. Friedrich Ödl, manager of the Eisriesenwelt Showcave in Austria and President of the International Show Caves Association ISCA, on behalf of the European showcaves,

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