ESP 2023-01 International gathering Gouffre Berger, France

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With 380 participants, the 2023 session of the now ritual international gathering is one of the major caving events of the year, that took place from 20th July to 10th August 2023 . In fact, the number of foreign participants (138) is the highest it has been in twelve years. Within two and a half months of registration at the start of 2023, the optimum number of participants had already been reached.

Like last year, the base camp was set up at “Les Bisons” in Méaudre. But better than last year! Particular attention was paid to comfort, with an extra toilet cabins and two shower cabins (with hot water!). The cave was once again rigged by teams from the Vercors, led by David Parrot, almost entirely on drilled anchors. Safer equipment (greater distance from friction and waterfalls), but also more technical. Perhaps too much so…

1400 metres of rope laid in the Berger, including double rigging of the entry shafts. That’s already a lot. But this year we also had to add nearly 400 metres for “repairs”. And that’s a lot more than in previous years!

380 different cavers have descended at least once (322 in 2022)

396 descents between 19 July and 9 August 2023 (341 in 2022)

138 foreigners (125 in 2022)

165 people exceeded the -1000 m depth (maximum number: probably less)

6000 hours (approximately) spent underground (5160 in 2022)

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