Syphonia 2024: Underground Visions – International Image Contest

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Tetide Aps Association and the Italian Speleological Society are warming up the engines to welcome cavers and researchers from all over Italy and Europe to “Syphonia 2024”, the International Meeting of Speleology that this year will take place from October 31st to November 3rd, and will be held in the charming town of Caselle in Pittari, Salerno, southern Italy. During Syphonia 2024 the “Underground Visions – International Image Contest” is being organised.

Tetide Aps encourages the submission of digital images that creatively depict underground environments, promoting environmental education and awareness about the significance of underground ecosystems and conservation efforts worldwide.

The contest is dedicated to 3 themes: caves, the future of water, with a special focus linked to beauty as a message for the protection of caves.

Categories for submission include digital photographs, paintings, drawings, vector graphics, raster graphics, fractal art, pixel art, generative art, mixed media collage, and AI-generated imagery. Participants are invited to submit up to three educational images highlighting the beauty and importance of caves. Submitted images will be displayed during Syphonia 2024, with winners determined by a public vote.

All information on the contest and participation form at:

You can read general information in this circular:

All other information and registration on Syphonia 2024 can be found here: