Aims and Objectives
ECRC is formed as an instrument of the FSE and its objectives are in accordance with the FSE
statutes (Section 2, Article 5, FSE Statutes).

The ECRC objectives are:

  • To develop, collect and disseminate knowledge about cave rescue on a European level.
  • To streamline collective activities, in order to put cave rescue to a priority level within the
    European concerns of civil protection and to assist the European speleologists in their
    interaction with public authorities.
  • To combine the efforts of local speleological groups and national speleological associations so as to support common European praxis of cave rescue.
  • To support collaboration with the European Union specialized structures and other
    international institutions and organizations, in the field of cave rescue.
  • To act as a political lobby for cave rescue in Europe and to propose new laws and directives in this field.