EuroSpeleo Protection Label 2023

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Call for Cave Protection Projects

It is with great pleasure that the FSE announces the next call for Cave Protection Projects to receive the Label “EuroSpeleo Protection 2023” from the ECPC (European Cave Protection Commission of the FSE).

The EuroSpeleo Protection Label is a European Speleological award managed by the ECPC, financed by the FSE budget. The EuroSpeleo Protection Label will help to promote amongst the speleological clubs of Europe, Cave Protection activities that are designed in an integrated ecological way, taking into account EU environmental directives, the principles of administration of the Natura 2000 sites and the IUCN Guidelines on caves and karst protection.

With what kind of projects can you apply?

The EuroSpeleo Protection Label will be awarded every year to one unique Cave Protection project. A European speleological jury established by the ECPC Board will make the selection. Any project aiming at protecting caves developed by a club, a local committee or a national commission from a member country of the FSE can apply.

Find here the Guidelines and Conditions for your application.

We would be happy to see your project getting awarded.

The ECPC team